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Teeth Tips

Dr. Shane Moore
Pediatric Dental Specialist

Dr. Eric DeVries
Pediatric Dental Specialist

Other teeth tips for your child:

  • For cleaning your infant’s teeth, use a soft-bristled toothbrush with a small head. It will help remove plaque bacteria that can lead to decay.
  • Fluoride toothpaste can be hazardous to infants and toddlers. Do not use fluoride toothpaste until your child learns to spit the toothpaste out.
  • Brush your child’s teeth before bedtime every night. Also, avoid letting your baby fall asleep with a bottle of milk, formula, juice or any other sugary liquid.
  • Children must have a balanced diet for their teeth to develop properly. They also need a balanced diet for healthy gum tissue around the teeth. Equally important, a diet high in certain kinds of carbohydrates, such as sugar and starches, may place your child at extra risk for tooth decay.
  • Baby teeth or “primary teeth” are important to keep healthy since they help children speak clearly, chew naturally, and aid in forming a path for permanent teeth.
  • Although thumb, finger, and pacifier sucking are completely normal for babies and young children, they can affect a child’s health over time. Frequent or intense sucking over a prolonged period can affect the way a child’s teeth bit together, as well as the growth of jaws and bones that support the teeth.
  • Encourage your infant to drink out of a cup by the age of one, as this expedites the onset of more advanced swallowing patterns. Although sippy cups can be convenient, prolonged use may hinder the infants sucking pattern and normal development.
  • To help prevent cavities, dental sealants may be applied. They work by filling in the crevasses on the chewing surfaces of the teeth. This prevents food particles from getting caught in the teeth. The application is fast and can effectively protect teeth for many years.

Dental x-rays have minimal risk. The amount of radiation children are exposed to is highly limited. Lead aprons and high-speed film are used to ensure safety.

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